A Brief History of Time: my review

Finished book review by: Aniket

Book written by: Stephen Hawking
Total number of pages: 175

Genre: Non-fiction/informational
My rating: ****, really liked it

A brief summary of my book:
Stephen Hawking, in a lecturing style, attempts to inform the reader about the universe and aspects of it. He talks about the history of physics, including many different physicists and different advancements in the field of study. Using these specific advancements, along with his own logical reasoning, he explains the aspects of physics and the universe, even making claims himself.

Three words that describe my book:
Informative, scientific, and intellectual

The kind of person I’d recommend this book to:
The reader must be interested in physics, including quantum physics. The person must be somewhat intellectual in order to understand the concepts in the book. Finally, the person should be okay with the style of writing; which is like a typical lecture.