The Dead and the Gone: my review

Finished book review by: Gretchen

Book written by: Susan Beth Pfeffer
Total number of pages: 321

Genre: Science fiction/dystopian
My rating: ****, really liked it

A brief summary of my book:
The book “The Dead and the Gone” is a riveting tale of the after effects on the earth of the moon being set out of orbit due to a meteorite striking the moon. This story follows Alex Morales’s family through death, desperation, gleaming hope, and lost prayers as an after effect of the moon’s destructive impacts on the earth. Alex will do anything to protect his sisters and find his mother after she does not come home from work, and the only thing he has to do is never lose hope.

Three words that describe my book:
Riveting, engaging, haunting

The kind of person I’d recommend this book to:
Someone who looks for a book that has adventure, sadness and striking depth in a dystopian future.