Uglies: my review

Finished book review by: Bridget

Book written by: Scott Westerfeld
Total number of pages: 406

Genre: Science fiction/dystopian
My rating: ****, really liked it

A brief summary of my book:
Everyone is considered an “ugly” until they turn 16 and get an operation that turns you into a “pretty”. For Tally getting this is the ultimate ambition and she cannot wait…until she meets Shay. Shay tells Tally she is going to run away so that she does not have to get the operation. After Shay goes missing, the authorities tell Tally to either turn Shay in or never get the operation.

Three words that describe my book:
I would describe this book as exciting, surprising, and intense.

The kind of person I’d recommend this book to:
I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for a fast paced, engaging, and interesting book. Also if you enjoy science fiction or dystopian books, this is a good choice.