Delirium : my review

Finished book review by: Kate

Book written by: Lauren Oliver
Total number of pages: All 383

Genre: Science fiction/dystopian
My rating: ****, really liked it

A brief summary of my book:
Delirium is about a time where love is considered a disease and once boys and girls come of age, they undergo “cure”. This cure prevents everyone from loving anyone or anything, and is disliked by people called sympathizers. Because of her family history and the strict society that she has lived in her whole life, the main character has never questioned this way of life, but things begin to change throughout this book.

Three words that describe my book:
In three words, I would describe this book as complex, adventurous, and romantic.

The kind of person I’d recommend this book to:
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves cliches, is able to read 383 pages without getting bored, enjoys romances, and is ready for some serious suspense.