Go Ask Alice: my review

Finished book review by: Tanya

Book written by: Anonymous
Total number of pages: 159

Genre: Realistic fiction
My rating: ****, really liked it

A brief summary of my book:
Alice was a teenager girl who turned 15 recently. She was a normal girl but she had one problem: she did drugs. Her life soon gets ruined by drug abuse and many sad, tear shedding events happen and she becomes very depressed. She fights self harming and her parents just make it worse for her. She soon stops keeping her diary and is found dead, nobody knows if its her work or the work of drugs.

What I thought about this book:
I really liked this book because it was well written and related to my life in many ways. I personally have not done drugs but I have had friends and known people who let drugs ruin their life and it really hits close to home as the stories in the book are very realistic. I also really like the message and format of this book. It was in the form of a diary, and at the end, Alice dies and the author is left with questions and the perspective on drugs changes drastically. It teaches kids like me to not mess with drugs for it might ruin our lives.

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