The Old Man and the Sea: my review

Finished book review by: Kevin

Book written by: Ernest Hemingway
Total number of pages: 126

Genre: Realistic fiction
My rating: ***, liked it

A brief summary of my book:
The Old Man and the Sea is an exciting but sad story about a poor man (Santiago) who hasn’t caught a fish in about 84 days. The old man has one friend who is just described as “The Boy”, who brings the old man food and companionship. One day, the old man goes fishing very early in the morning and hooks into a massive marlin. The man fights the fish for three days until he finally caught it and heads home when the unfortunate happens.

What I thought about this book:
I enjoyed this book for what it is but the reading goes pretty slow. I gave it the rating I did because it is a thought provoking book that takes some inferencing and ends with an unfortunate event which proves to be anticlimactic. The ending almost feels like a punch in the stomach because throughout the book you wanted the characters to be successful but in the end they were not.

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