The Martian: my review

Finished book review by: Caroline

Book written by: Andy Weir
Total number of pages: 369

Genre: Science fiction/dystopian
My rating: *****, it was amazing

A brief summary of my book:
On a mission on Mars, Mark Watney gets stuck in a sandstorm, and the rest of the crew is forced to return to Earth without him, as he appears dead. On Earth, he is reported dead, and is all over the news. When someone in Houston realized he is still alive on Mars, they go to the ends of the Earth to rescue him.

What I thought about this book:
It was very good, because the story was told from different perspectives. Most of the book was narrated in first person, by Mark, who is pretty laid back, but the rest of the book is narrated in third person on Earth, and it is a lot more formal, and I like the contrast.

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